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Nomos Consulting Group is a law firm made up of a select group of professionals with vast and consolidated international experience. What defines us, both individually and collectively, is ethical and theoretical rigor, argumentative solidity and the most advanced domain of legal concepts. In a word, what defines us is, above all, the unequivocal commitment to excellence.

Gathered around a comfortable physical structure and the best technological resources, we can put into practice two fascinating projects that we would like to present to you.

The first one we call Nomos Legal Consulting. Acting in coordination, we want to demonstrate how essential theoretical refinement is for solving the most complex practical challenges. Nomos Legal Consulting is a legal consultancy center designed to offer to law firms the best and most well-founded answer to their intricate issues, be they in court or in arbitration proceedings.

The second project is called Nomos Institute. With it, we revitalize, now together, what we already do individually: the contribution to the theoretical and practical training of professionals who recognize the invaluable importance of continuous improvement. Nomos Institute is a training center designed to meet the highest technical-scientific standards.

Both in our consultancy center and in our training center, we work especially in the following areas: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Political and Electoral Law, Procedural Law and Evidence Law, Digital Law and Artificial Intelligence. We also intervene in issues related to other areas and which, due to their complexity, require a qualified legal pronouncement in some of the areas in which we operate.

Consulting and Training

Consulting and Training

Nomos Legal Consulting

The so-called “concrete cases” are a challenge that we face with enthusiasm. We believe that intellectuals can – and should – renounce the “ivory tower” in which many take refuge, as we know that the theorist needs to submit their constructions not only to the formal-abstract rigors that guide thought, but also to the intricate demands of practical considerations.

Nomos Legal Consulting is what we call our consultancy center designed to offer to law firms the best and most well-founded solution to their legal issues. We put a sophisticated theoretical repertoire at the disposal of our consultants, who with our support can safely perform at the highest level.

We are particularly active in the preparation of legal opinions for highly complex issues to be judged by the highest Courts or in the most demanding arbitration procedures. We also offer advice on the drafting of legislative texts and formulate preventive strategies capable of preventing our clients from facing future legal challenges.



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We work especially in the following fields: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Political and Electoral Law, Procedural Law and Evidence Law, Digital Law and Artificial Intelligence, while also participating in the solution of issues in other areas whenever a qualified pronouncement is required under our expertise.

According to the interests of our clients, we can recommend law firms in the most diverse countries. These are the highest-level law firms with whom we enter into collaboration agreements that allow us to act together without, however, any corporate or hierarchical relationship between us. By executing such collaboration, we aim to have professionals of maximum excellence by our side and thus offer our clients the most complete legal support.


Nomos Institute

Training at the highest level is a requirement for excellence. In fact, without a broad and consistent intellectual repertoire the legal professional remains vulnerable, given over to theoretical helplessness. Having a deficient training is to have any greater pretense unfeasible. Let us remove this danger.

Nomos Institute is a qualified training center to give legal professionals the theoretical and practical training they need.

With a team formed by highly reputable professors, and also working in partnership with international institutions of maximum academic prestige, we meet the highest standards of technical-scientific demand.

We organize courses, lectures, seminars, congresses and other activities aimed at providing consistent and sophisticated answers to the important issues that challenge the legal theory and practice of our time. We take care of the improvement and training of all those who intervene in the legal culture of our societies, such as magistrates, public prosecutors, lawyers and university professors who, individually or together in another training institution, are committed to excellence in performing their duties and the invaluable importance of continuous improvement.

With our teaching experience, we develop training activities in all areas of law.



Nomos Consulting Group is made up of the following consultants:

Juan Antonio García Amado

Juan Antonio García Amado holds a PhD in Law from the University of Oviedo and is Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of León, both in Spain. He is a distinguished lecturer and visiting professor at several European and Latin American universities. The excellence of his work is internationally renowned above all in his main fields of expertise: Constitutional Law, Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy.


Juan Antonio García Amado is a member of the editorial board of several influential legal journals, such as Droit et Société, Rechtstheorie and Doxa. Many of his books and articles originally written in Spanish have been translated into various languages, including French, German and Portuguese, in a clear and eloquent demonstration of the great importance and timeliness of his work.

Marcelo Porciuncula

Marcelo Porciuncula is a researcher at the Institute de Recherche Juridique de la Sorbonne (Université de Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne), where currently he is doing a PhD in Public Law. He holds a PhD in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and is a specialist in International Economic Law at the same university. He has taught Constitutional Procedural Law at IBMEC/RJ and Legal Theory in the Law and Criminology courses at the University of Girona, Spain.


Lecturer at universities in Latin America and Europe and author of works published in several languages, Marcelo Porciuncula is a member of distinguished academic and professional organizations, such as the Société Française pour la Philosophie et la Théorie Juridiques et Politiques, the Association Internationale de Droit Constitutionnel and the International Bar Association.

Marina Gascón Abellán

Marina Gascón Abellán holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and is Professor of Philosophy of Law at the Universidad Castilla-La Mancha, both in Spain. Her work is mainly devoted to Constitutional Law, Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Legal Argumentation Theory and Evidence Law, a field in which she has become an outstanding international reference.  


Author of several books and articles published in different languages, Marina Gascón Abellán was a researcher at the universities of Oxford, Chicago, Turin and Genoa. Her most recent studies are devoted to judicial precedents, legal argumentation techniques – especially when they involve the exercise of constitutional jurisdiction –, and theory of legal evidence, areas in which she is recognized as a leading legal scientist.

Manuel Atienza

Manuel Atienza holds a PhD in Law from the University of Oviedo and is a Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Alicante, both in Spain. He is the editor of Doxa. Cuadernos de Filosofía del Derecho and was Vice-President of the Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy – IVR).


Author of numerous works of reference translated into several languages, Manuel Atienza has been awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by more than a dozen Latin American universities, which demonstrates the enormous influence of his thought, especially in the fields of Constitutional Law and Philosophy of Law, with particular emphasis on the Theory of Legal Argumentation, having established himself internationally as a jurist of the highest projection and importance.

José Carlos Porciuncula

José Carlos Porciuncula holds a PhD in Criminal Law from the University of Barcelona, Spain, having received an Extraordinary Doctoral Prize for the excellence of his thesis, supervised by Santiago Mir Puig, Lo objetivo y lo subjetivo en el tipo penal, which has had great publishing success in Spanish-speaking countries. As a European scholarship holder of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), he carried out research at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany, under the mentoring of Urs Kindhäuser.


Author of books and articles published in Portuguese, Spanish and German, requested lecturer in several Latin American and European countries, José Carlos Porciuncula is Professor of Theory of Crime at the Catholic University of Colombia and Professor of Criminal Sciences at the postgraduate course of the Brazilian Institute of Public Law (IDP) in Brasilia/DF. 

Eric Hilgendorf

Eric Hilgendorf is Professor of Criminal Law and Law of Criminal Procedure at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany, where he also leads the Robotics Law Research Center. He serves as a Director at the Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation and is a member of the Bavarian AI Council. He has been a visiting professor at Peking University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses mainly on the Law of New Technologies and Medical Law, areas in which he is internationally recognized as a leading legal scientist. Furthermore, he is editor of the renowned “Handbook of Criminal Law” (10 vols.).


Eric Hilgendorf has published in several languages and has been the keynote speaker in many international conferences. Among other institutions, he is a member of the German Association of Criminal Law Teachers, the Society for Analytical Philosophy and the German-American Lawyers’ Association.

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